BUILDING STRONGER COMMUNITIES: Fought for and secured increases in local aid for our district to ensure that our education, transportation and public safety needs are fully funded, and will continue to fight for every last dollar that our communities deserve as my highest priority.

EDUCATION: Will continue to fight for increases in local Chapter 70 education funding, special education circuit breaker program, regional school transportation, and advocate for increased funding and support for our students with learning and developmental disabilities.

SCHOOL SAFETY: Will fight for more School Resource Officers in our schools to ensure that they remain safe places for learning.  Will continue to work closely with our local police, school departments, school superintendents, the State Fire Marshall and the Massachusetts School Building Authority to improve safety and security in our school buildings.

VETERANS: Will continue to fight for our veterans and their families to ensure that they receive the benefits they need and deserve. Sponsored and passed legislation providing greater access to housing for disabled veterans, expanded access to higher education for veterans and support for Gold Star families.

STUDENT DEBT: Fought to reduce the burden of the high cost of college student loans. Sponsored legislation to institute a student loan forgiveness program based on the income of graduates who attended a Massachusetts public college or university and who continue to live and work in our state. 

PUBLIC SAFETY: Sponsored legislation which was passed into law posting the information of Level 2 Sex Offenders on the internet to ensure greater security and safety for our children, families and neighborhoods. Supported and voted for Red Flag legislation to institute a process whereby families can seek protection from family members who should not have access to firearms due to emotional or mental circumstances. 

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND JOBS: Will continue to champion economic policies to expand jobs and employment opportunities.  Will support additional public and private partnerships for strategic investments in capital infrastructure, transportation improvements and targeted tax credits for our local business community.

ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE CHANGE. Helped pass landmark clean energy legislation to boost off-shore wind and hydro-power and also promote repair of gas leaks and development of energy storage technology. Supported move to have state adopt goals of Paris Climate Accords to address climate change.

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