Westford Senior Housing check

Proud to join Senator Edward Kennedy to officially present a check for $50k that we were able to leverage for new stoves and kitchen appliances for Westford Senior Housing. Special shout out to Patricia Holmes and Nancy Cook for your advocacy.

House Approves Legislation to Protect Persons with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities from Harm

Rep. Jim Arciero and his colleagues in the Mass. House of Representatives have passed bipartisan legislation to establish a statewide caretaker registry to protect individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities from repeat abusers.

The bill is named for Nicky, a non-verbal young man with autism who was abused by his caretaker at a day program for people with intellectual disabilities. Nicky’s family came forward after learning there was no current mechanism in place to prevent an accused abuser from being rehired at another day program.

The bill creates a ‘do not hire’ list to ensure that caregivers who commit substantiated acts of abuse or neglect are not able to continue to harm individuals with disabilities. All state licensed employers will be required check the registry before hiring or retaining any person as a care provider.

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Public Hearing for Lawmaker’s Bills to Reform Regulations on Chiropractors Takes Place

Two bills filed by State Representative James Arciero to reform the current regulations regarding the chiropractic practice had a public hearing before the Joint Committee on Public Health at the State House.

The legislation, House Bill 1839: An Act Relative to students of chiropractic, and House Bill 1840: An Act Relative to continuing education requirements for chiropractors; were filed in an attempt to modernize the chiropractic practice in Massachusetts.

“Currently in Massachusetts, when a chiropractic student is engaged as a preceptor intern they are limited to only conducting examinations and minimal office procedures which has the effect of limiting their learning experience while interning. This bill would correct this limitation in law by allowing for the student to practice the full scope of chiropractic care” said Arciero in regards to H.1839.


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Eagle Scout Receives House of Representatives Citation from Lawmaker

State Rep. James Arciero recently attended the Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony for Ericsson Blaze Gauthier of Westford Boy Scout Troop 195. To achieve the rank of Eagle, a scout must earn at least 21 merit badges in a number of different subjects ranging from first aid to nuclear science. It is the highest award in Scouting.

Additionally, Eagle Scout candidates must plan and complete an extensive Eagle Scout project which consists of the coordination of materials, manpower, and the cooperation of many individuals to achieve the objective of the project. Such projects benefit community groups or civic organizations and represent service to society as well as a demonstration of the leadership required to be an Eagle Scout. For his project, Ericsson designed, built and installed a new storage shed at the American Legion Field, providing a safe and secure place for the Westford Youth Baseball and Softball League to keep their equipment.

As part of the ceremony, Arciero, who is also an Eagle Scout, presented Ericsson with official citation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives to mark the auspicious occasion.

Lawmaker Seeks to Improve Public Safety for Waste Management and Recycling Drivers and Riders

State Rep. James Arciero recently testified before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary on House Bill 1330: An Act Relative To Speed Limitations Near Waste Or Recycling Collection, a measure he filed, commonly called the Slow Down to Get Around law.

“While we may not think about it, those individuals engaged in this industry are continually at risk of being hit, both in their vehicles and when disembarking and returning to their trucks as they collect our trash.  Ranking right behind the dangerous jobs of loggers, fishers, aircraft pilots and roofers, they suffer a high rate of fatal work injuries according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,” said Arciero, who sponsored and filed the bill with several other members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  At least 23 states have enacted a form of the Slow Down To Get Around law, and this is the second attempt to pass the measure in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

“As drivers, we know we have to stop for school buses as they let children get on and off the bus, and we know we have to pull over for police, fire and emergency vehicles when they are performing their valuable service to society, and we slow down at construction sites on public roads when that work is being done. I think that waste management and recycling trucks, with their frequent stops and personnel exiting and entering the vehicle, are worthy of similar consideration by our driving public,” said Arciero in his testimony at the committee hearing.

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Arciero State Legislation to Assist Student Veterans with PTSD Passes House

State Rep. James Arciero spoke Nov. 6 on the House Floor in support of his legislation, House Bill 4177: An Act Relative to the Training of Higher Education Counselors in PTSDs, which would assist active duty service personnel and veterans in state colleges and universities suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders . The bill was passed unanimously with 158 votes.

“As a member of a military family, I know firsthand the challenges faced by those brave women and men who have worn the uniform of the United States when they return from their service overseas,” said Arciero, whose brother and brother-in-law served multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The legislation, a collaborative effort with the University of Massachusetts Medical School, will establish an education program to train clinical and non-clinical counselors at state colleges and universities to recognize and assist student veterans in dealing with the various issues related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in active duty and veteran students.


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